Your Booty Will Thank You

My Ultimate Booty Workout

I’d like to make a special note that this workout is not about enlarging the booty (although it may be a side effect). This is about strengthening a muscle group that far too many neglect, which results in injuries and body imbalances. I believe in the importance of glute work in correcting many bodily discomforts, including knee and back issues. Have fun with this and be sure to drink plenty of water and rest for at least 1 minute in between circuits. I’d like to make an even more special note that working out is SO important for your mental health. Do this for your body AND your mind. No matter what size/shape/type of body and booty you have, you’re beautiful in your own way and deserve to treat yourself to this!

**Note: this is not for the faint of heart. This is not a joke. And this will make your booty cry in both pain and joy**

1. Warm up: 3-6 mins.

30 seconds high knees x 30 seconds butt kicks x 15 body weight squats. *Complete 3 rounds*

2. Stretch: 3-4 mins.

Complete each move for 20-30 seconds.

a. Arm circles forward with calf raises

b. Arm circles backward with calf raises

c. Touch toes with legs together

d. Touch ground with legs wider than hips

e. Butterfly stretch on ground

f. Straddle stretch on ground

3. Circuit A: 8-12 mins. Need 1 medium-heavy and 1 heavy kettle bell

20 kettle bell swings with medium heavy bell x 15 kettle bell dead lifts with heavy bell x 10 sit squats holding medium- heavy bell. Complete 3 rounds

Start the kettle bell swings in this position to initiate the first swing. Then imagine the kettle bell is a football you must pass to someone behind you.

End position of the kettle bell swing. This is not about using arms, this is about thrusting hips forward to gain momentum in your swing.
4. Circuit B: 8-12 mins. Need small loop band- place band around ankles for banded exercises or right below knees for a less intense modification.

15 jump squats x banded wide leg steps (15 to the right, 15 to the left) x standing banded side leg raises – you can place one hand on wall for stability (15 each side). Complete 2 rounds

For squat jumps drive through your heels from this position and jump as high as you can. Land softly.
5. Circuit C: 6-10 mins. Need a 10-30 pound weight.

Weighted side lunges (alternate & do 12 each side) x 30 second jump switch lunges x 30 second wall sit. Complete 3 rounds.

6. Mat work: 4-8 mins.

20 hip bridges (on back) x 15 single leg hip bridges (on back) x 15 fire hydrants (in quadruped position). Complete 2 rounds

7. Cool down: 3-5 mins.

Complete stretches c. – f. from above and any other stretches you feel necessary for your body.

My recommendation is to complete this workout 1-2 times per week for max benefits. #hardworkworkhard

With love,


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