4 Easy Ways to Keep Active While Traveling

I, like many others, love to travel. But what’s hard about traveling is staying consistently active because we travel to spend time doing things other than working out. This weekend I went home to visit family in Chicago and wanted to keep up with my workouts. For me, it is vital for my mental health to stay consistent. Unfortunately, I don’t have a membership at a gym here. To be honest I could have done a day pass at our local Lifetime but I didn’t want to spend too much time working out when my main focus is seeing family and friends in my short visit here. So instead, I did all of the activities listed below to stay moving and although they may not be as intense as a gym workout, I always say – some movement is better than no movement! If time is of the essence for you while you are out and about, try these 4 simple techniques to incorporate more movement into your travel days.

1. Go for a walk outside

Such an easy way to not only see the city you’re in but also maybe spend some quality time with yourself or loved ones.

2. Push-ups x Jump Squats x Tricep Dips

I did this every morning when I woke up. 3 sets of 10 push-ups, 3 sets of 20 squat jumps, and 3 sets of 10 tricep dips off a kitchen chair. It got me energized for my day and kept my muscles toned and primed to jump back into my workouts when I return to Baltimore. You can always add more movements to this if time allows, but to keep it simple these two moves usually get my heart pumping.

3. YouTube Yoga

My mom and I did a 30 minute yoga video the other day and it was a nice way to work on my core strength as well as do something fun with my momma. Yoga with Adrienne (link below) is amazing and I’d recommend her videos to anybody and everybody. The great thing about YouTube is you can search videos that are 10 minutes if you’re in a time crunch or 45 minutes if you have more time. And the nice thing about yoga is I don’t get super sweaty so if I have to go somewhere right after I don’t feel gross and sticky.


4. Take the stairs…more than once

You can find stairs pretty much anywhere you go while traveling, so do yourself a favor and take those stairs! And if you have the opportunity take them up and down and up again. Stairs are great cardio and great for those legs!

Safe travels and may these simple techniques assist you in staying active while you are away from home! It’s important to stay active not only to maintain your physical, but also to sharpen your mental.

With love,


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